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Mission Statement

 iGolf Connecticut (iGCT) was formed for the general purpose of promoting and conserving the best interests and the true spirit of the game of golf.

Included within the general purpose are:

  • To cooperate with and assist the United States Golf Association and other recognized golf associations in the promotion and advancement of the game of golf.
  • To establish and maintain, through licensed golf clubs, a uniform handicap system in compliance with the USGA Handicap System.
  • To promote and assist in funding of approved golf-related purposes, either alone or in conjunction with other golf associations.

With iGolfCT and the Golf Handicap Network your Golf Club can be assured that the USGA Handicap Indexes® issued to its members are computed accurately and within USGA Handicap System guidelines.

Internet based Golf Handicap Network is leading edge, time tested, affordable, and simple to use.