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What is iGolf Connecticut?
iGolf Connecticut (IGCT) is THE low-cost USGA Handicap provider!   IGCT enables golf clubs to issue a USGA golf handicap index to their members.

Individual golfers join a local USGA licensed internet golf club to track their USGA Handicap online.

Our member clubs to date are certified and licensed to issue handicaps (Definition of a Golf Club). To issue a USGA Handicap Index to its members a golf club must be licensed by the USGA® to utilize the USGA Handicap System™.

Read our misssion statement and services for more information.

How do I join?

Individual Golfers:

If you are a golfer and would like to maintain a USGA Handicap Index online, you can join one of our many internet golf clubs.  The cost is $30 per year, with discounts available for extended membership lengths.

CLICK HERE to apply. Select the golf club closest to your home.


Existing Golf Clubs & Leagues or To Form a Licensed Golf Club:

If you are an existing golf club or golf league, or would like to form a USGA licensed Golf Club, IGCT will assist you in the licensing process.

Golf Clubs Must:

· Complete the Club Compliance Checklist
· Have a representative of the golf club participate in a USGA® Handicap Seminar including passing a test   about The USGA Handicap System™
· Have a signed license in place prior to issuing a handicap index

**CONTACT US to Join IGCT for USGA Handicaps for your Members or Golf League (Minimum of 10 Members)

How do I post scores & lookup my handicap index online?
First, log into the golf handicap system at or On the first page you will see your handicap card & score history.

On the top of the page you will see a button to post an 18 hole or 9 hole score.  On the next screen, search for the course you played under the "Away Courses" tab and choose the tees you played. (see below for instructions on setting up your "Favorite Tees" list). Enter your score in the "Adjusted Total Score" box and hit submit. 

I'm playing in a golf tournament. How do I provide my handicap information?
Anyone can lookup your handicap index online at  This link can be forwarded to the club pro or tournament director.  You can also print your handicap card from your revision email, which you will receive every 2 weeks.

Why don't I need a GHIN number?
IGCT uses a different USGA computation system through the Golf Handicap Network. The software program is called HandiComp®.  This computation system is used in many states througout the country and is recognized by the USGA® as an official USGA computation system.  The GHIN system is another type of computation system that many golf courses in CT utilize.

The USGA states that a golf club can utilize any computation system, so as long as the system complies with the USGA Handicap System regulations.  More information can be found here:  

How do I set my favorite tees list?
Once logged into the handicap system, click the "Favorite Tees" tab and click "Add a Favorite Tee." Search for the course and tee you frequently play. (You can do this for multiple courses & tees).  Once saved, your "Favorite Tees" will display when posting a score.

How do I become a licensed golf club?

IGCT can assist you in this process. There are many tools available at the USGA webiste. Please see below.

USGA® Handicap Seminars:

    Online Seminar

    Seminars conducted by the USGA®